The Tuna Fishing Museum

Mut-Stintino-042The Tuna Fishing Museum of Stintino tells the story of a time that no longer exists. It teaches us about schools of fish that follow the currents of the Mediterranean Sea, about crews which wait for their coming, and about the network system that intercepts the passage of the tunas. The museum describes the traditional method of tuna fishing, practised in the Gulf of Asinara until the last century. It allows us to picture the lives of the men who fished and prepared tunas with great effort and tenacity. It contains the identity of a whole village, Stintino, whose history is closely related to the Tonnara Saline. It perpetuates, today, the memory of men and the sea.



The visitor will be lead along a multi-medial journey, a fascinating and evocative audiovisual and musical path. A series of videos in Italian, with English subtitles, rebuild the history of the Tonnara Saline, Stintino and Asinara. Screens are filled with vintage images, rich in charms and rituals that are alternated with intense and passionate local testimonies. On display are the tools used in the Tonnara Saline, as well as documents, diaries, old newspaper articles, clothes and reproductions of boats.

Centro studi sulla civiltà del mare e per la valorizzazione del Golfo e del Parco dell'Asinara - Via Asinara 2, 07040 Stintino (SS) - C.F. 92052770903